Brochures: A secret marketing weapon

Brochures are powerful motivators...research proves:

  • 62% of travelers seek travel information after leaving home
  • 36% of all tourists change their travel plans as a result of reading a travel brochure
  • 47% of tourists who pick up a brochure purchase something from them
  • 33% of travelers rely on brochures when they travel

Why brochures are so effective and efficient

  • They "tell the whole story"-why, when, where and how to get there
  • Easy to carry: Prospects can pocket them, file and save them
  • Attractive and colorful: "picture worth 1000 words"
  • Your website address/phone # go home with them for follow-up
  • Available on demand when prospects look for something to do
  • Surprisingly inexpensive to distribute and only to those interested
  • Secret: Competitors cannot track your distribution or strategy

Who can benefit from brochure distribution?

Attractions, nonprofit businesses, retailers, hospitality groups, restaurants, CVB's and more!

Travel is BIG Business: Get your share

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